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Hubby and I made the best use of a rainy afternoon with a trip to Watertown to see the Flat Earth Theatre production of  "Silent Sky" by Lauren Gunderson.  I always enjoy seeing other theaters and folks I know from Theatre@First in a different setting.  The play was performed on a simple yet elegant set in a black box theater with 80 seats in 5 rows ramped across the back.  This matinee was sold out, so they started right on the hour.  

I adore plays that teach me about important overlooked women in history, entertain and make me think about life.  Theatre@First produced a great example - "The Margaret Ghost" - and "Silent Sky" provided that in a "Hidden Figures" with astronomy way.  Go look up Henrietta Leavitt, Annie Jump Cannon and Williamina Fleming who worked at the Harvard Observatory in the early 20th Century charting the stars.  They were portrayed by talented actresses who made it easy to know and like the characters.  I went to see the always fabulous actor Juliet Bowler, and she rocked this role as a feisty Scot. 

There are a few tickets left for the added matinee at 2 pm Sunday, March 26.  Go!  

We walked across the courtyard to La Casa de Pedro, a Venezuelan/Spanish restaurant, for an early dinner.  It has a huge menu of drinks, tapas, appetizers, entrees and desserts!  We started with two small plates - the shrimp ceviche and the pork Vargas, then moved on the shrimp enchiladas and pork loin.  The sides were special - plantains, jicama fries - along with the more usual sour cream, salsa and guacamole.  We finished with the coconut flan!  Such a treat!  


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