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What a wonderful meal by the water!  If you're looking for fresh seafood, in a casual setting, with great prices and a spectacular view  - get to Belle Isle Seafood in Winthrop.  It's felt like a mini-vacation.

How did I end up in Winthrop?
The amazing [ profile] eclecticavatar talked about her dinner there in glowing terms, which sent me to their website, where upon I saw the magic words... LOBSTER PIE.

How to get there

By T - it's about 1/2 mile from the Orient Heights Blue Line stop - turn left out of the stop, half a block then left on Saratoga Street and it's on the right just over the bridge.

A. Above the airport - Pretend you're going to Logan, but keep going up Rte 1A N and make one right hand turn on 145 and go until you cross into Winthrop - the first thing on the right is it!  With a big parking lot.  Easy!

B. Below Revere Beach - Or pretend you're going to Revere Beach, turn right instead of left on Ocean Ave and wind your way along the water into Winthrop, take a right on Main Street and go until you see it on the left.  Easy!

(Take the airport route in and come back the other way to avoid the $3.50 tunnel toll, if you're into saving bucks.)

(I'd pick a non-rush hour time to avoid spending all your time sitting in the tunnel or along Rte. 1A.)

The deal
It's cash only.  There's an ATM in the entry with a $2 fee.
If you're plan to eat inside, order at the counter and they give you the cutest beeper you've ever seen - it's a lobster!  When it goes off, go back to the counter and get your food.  There are bar stools, booths, tables and picnic tables.
If you want to eat outside, see the hostess and a waitress will take care of you out there in sun.
The menu is only one page, but almost everything comes baked, broiled, stuffed, blackened, fried or teriyaki so there are dozens of options.  Depending on which cooking method you choose, the dinner side options are locked in.   Or you can order a la carte.

Note: This place is NOT vegetarian friendly unless you are fond of french fries, onion rings, cole slaw or dinner rolls.

What we ate
Clam chowder pint $6.25 (big enough for 2)
Stuffed clams 3 large shells $7.75  (shared)
Blackened swordfish with rice pilaf, roll, cole slaw, tartar sauce and lemon $13.99
Lobster Pie (1/2 lb of meat) with rice pilaf, cole slaw, tartar sauce and lemon $20.99
Large sodas with free refills (serve yourself)

Other pluses
THE VIEW!  Fabulous view of Boston across the harbor, jets taking off from Logan, and a pretty marina beside it.
The staff is very helpful, friendly and patient with people who didn't figure out it's cash only until they're ordering.
It's also a market, so you can take home fresh seafood and do your own cooking if you like.


Date: 2013-06-10 05:00 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] ron_newman
Orient Heights station is closed until October. You can get a bus to Winthrop from Airport or Wood Island (depends on the day).

Date: 2013-06-10 12:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I can't wait! When can we go?!

Date: 2013-06-13 03:42 am (UTC)
muffyjo: (fairy)
From: [personal profile] muffyjo
This sounds like a wonderful adventure!


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