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Following through on my resolution to post and comment more often, here's my first Dreamwidth-only post.  Whee!

Hubby and I had tasty Spanish tapas at the Dali Restaurant in Somerville!  

I keep forgetting to go there. I think it's been over two years.  Every time I go, I wonder why I am not there more often.  It is unique and delicious! And on my way home from work.  I have only been for "occasions" in the past, but hope to go more often.  

We had that secluded 2-top tile table tucked into the window well in the corner of the beautiful dining room.  I adore their eclectic decor!  It was empty when we went in at opening time (5:30 pm) but was almost full when we left a couple of hours later. 

We shared small elegantly displayed plates of seafood, spices, cheese, meats and fruity sauces:  
1) Ceviche - salmon, scallops and shrimp (served on a scallop shell nestled in a bed of fresh seaweed!) 
2) Garlic soup 
3) Fried Cheese with honey and sweet onions
4) Beef turnovers with olives, raisins and egg
5) Lamb chops in peach sauce 
6) Duck in berry sauce
7) Lamb meatballs
8) Beef tenderloin with dried fruit and creamy brandy sauce
9) Dessert - we shared churros with chocolate and dulce de leche sauces 

My favorites - #2, #5, #6 and #8!  The cheese was a little strong for my tastes, the beef turnovers unremarkable and I've had better ceviche (but it was a wonderful start to dinner on a warm day).  

The most amazing part was the non-alcoholic sangria!  This was the most festive, delicious drink option I've seen in a long time - a deep purple, fruity mix of flavors that was the perfect cold libation on the first warm day of spring!  They also have a creative cocktail list and wines and beers.  

If we're connect on Facebook, you can see 9 photos posted over there. 

The hostesses and servers are so pleasant!  Their pacing is perfect.  

If you want vegetarian options, almost half the tapas menu is creative veggie choices!  I need to explore more of those next time.  

They also have three versions of paella that are tempting but I never get past the tapas part of the menu.  

The parking meters around there run until 8 pm but have that new app thing, so you don't need quarters.  

It is on the pricey side, but well worth it for the creative cooking, beautiful interior and pleasant service.  


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