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Amazing news!  I managed to cancel my Comcast account in less than 5 minutes today [Yes, I know... a sign of the apocalypse!] and turn in my equipment easily thanks to an article I found at

Here are my notes:

1) Call to cancel - Speak to retention

Hours M-F 7 am - 8 pm 
Sat 8 am - 5 pm 

1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489)

Have your account number ready
Say "Cancel Service" when the robot asks what you called for

When you get to a person, ask if you’re talking to Retention

2) Have your excuse ready

Say you are moving to where there is no Comcast
[England is a good answer]

[Will cut short them trying to convince you to stay]

3) Stay firm and be friendly

You don’t want to piss off the rep who can do bad things like
make it look like your account is closed but it’s not and you
won’t see a bill until you hear from the collections company

4) Ask what they think you have in terms of equipment

I cable box, power cord
1 Modem, power cord 
1 remote (optional) 

Anyone can drop off equipment at their store. 

They said I can continue to send and receive emails, as they offer free email like Yahoo or Hotmail now.  

5) How to return equipment 

Check for locations on their site.  

116 Beacon St - Store hours 9 am - 6 pm M-F

Ask them to verify what equipment they think you have in their records
Take a photo of what you turn in sitting on the counter at their store
Get receipt with name and ID of person who processes your returns
Save the receipt in a safe place

6) Call back after you pay your final bill
to confirm your account is closed and has no balance

Adapted from:


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