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Some quick notes for the record so I'll remember what we did to celebrate our 20th anniversary!

We started early and ran late, spreading the festivities out over more than a week!  

Sunday, October 23
We had a wonderful day in RI!  We had a delicious German lunch at Redlefsen's in Bristol, then headed off to the South Shore Beach in Little Compton.  It is so beautiful there!  We stopped at a farm stand going down, then at a farm coming back and another farm stand.  I found a yummy chocolate chip cookie, a honey crisp apple, caramel apple sauce and a wonderful butternut squash apple bisque at the farm.  I got a cucumber, a tomato, fresh corn and a pumpkin at the farm stand!   We had dinner at our favorite restaurant in the world - The Boat House in Tiverton.  I feasted on the raw bar sampler of oysters, clams and shrimp, then the baked stuffed lobster.  We shared the cranberry creme brûlée for dessert.  Yum! 

Wednesday, October 26 (the day)
I was off work.  We had breakfast delivered from The Neighborhood via Foodler.  We had the installation team in from NetBlazr, making real our year-long campaign to get away from Comcast.

We headed out about 6 pm to VOTE EARLY!  We went to the Police Station on 6th Street.  It was fast and easy, and such a relief to have it done.  We took the requisite selfies and posted them to Facebook.  

We had a special dinner at Helmand, the Afghani restaurant.  The service was it's usual lackluster thing but the food is so special I overlook it.  We had the pumpkin, which is, as a friend put it, "the best thing I ever put in my mouth."  I had the aushak soup and the quabalee lamb and rice dinner, had the ferreeeney for dessert.  

Thursday, October 27
I was off work again.  We went to MGH for the last of my five-year check-ups with the radiation oncologist.  He said I look fine and don't need to see him again.  YAY!  I visited the Healing Garden one last time, and had my arm measured for the lymphedema study.  

We went off to Lake WInnipesaukee!  We headed to Shipley's in Alton Bay, but they were already closed for the season.  Argh!  We drove on the Patrick's Pub in Gilford. I had the onion hooks and the shepherd's pie and pumpkin cheesecake.  It's a pleasant place but the food is not that great.  I don't need to go back there.  

We went over to Weir's Beach to Kellerhaus, the candy and gifts store.  I got some cashew turtles, butter crunch and two bracelets!  Bling!  

We went to the Belknap Point Inn to check in and crash.  Despite the rain, I could still see the lake from the balcony!  I got to nap for a couple of hours, then we made our way in the rain and cold (40s) to Laconia for dinner at Tavern 27.  We shared tapas.  The Scotch eggs with the mustard mayo sauce was the stand out.  I had a great hibiscus iced tea.  We made it back to the hotel and turned in early.

Friday, October 28
At Lake Winnipesaukee 
We slept late and made our way back to Laconia in the pouring rain for the $6 buffet at Pizza Hut!  I was surprised how many choices there were - a salad bar, a pizza bar and desserts!  I especially enjoyed the dutch apple pizza dessert!  

I drove around "downtown" Laconia, trying to get the lay of the land up there, but it was too cold and wet to get out and explore.  So we went back to the hotel for another nap. 

We had dinner at the Lyons Den, just down the road from the hotel. We had a prime waterfront table with a view of the lake and the brand new marine patrol station.  I had the crab cakes to start, then the baked stuffed shrimp with peas and rice.  We shared the pumpkin mousse cake for dessert.  

We made our way to Meredith to the Lake Winnipesuakee Playhouse, an amazing refurbished barn turned into everything a theater should be!  We saw a staged reading of "War of the Worlds" with great foley work and wonderful actors.  

We checked out the spiffy new Cumberland Farms convenience store near Weirs Beach.  It is huge and had lots of different candy and munchies.  We went back to the room to nosh.  

Saturday, October 29
It was time to pack up and go off to our favorite breakfast place, Kitchen Cravings, near the airport in Gilford.  I had kielbasa!  We went on to Walmart to stock up on basics at low prices with no taxes.  We picked up coffee for Hubby at Dunkin then an iced chai for me at the Starbucks in Tilton, then hopped on I-93 and whizzed home in no time!  

I was amazed that we managed to have such a lovely retreat in the cold, wet weather, but the food and the play and the lake still made for a great time away! 

Monday, October 31
We had one last blast of anniversary treats with a trip to Malden to our favorite Asian restaurant, All Season Table.  I had the hot & sour soup, crispy honey ribs and a scallion seafood pancake!  So so good!  

So that's the story on our 20th anniversary!  Here's to many more! 

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Here's the answer to the question, "What did we do for our 18th anniversary?"   We made it a weekend-long celebration with two delicious dinners!  

Saturday, October 25th 

We drove to Maine!  We spent our honeymoon in Maine, so it always feels right to make it back there.  It only takes an hour to sneak over the border into Kittery.  

We tried a new restaurant to us - the amazing Warren's Lobster House!  Why did I not know about this place?!  Many thanks to the vivacious Vickie for the recommendation!  It's a casual spot along the Portsmouth Harbor, easy to find on Rte 1, with a big sign, huge parking lot, waterfront dining, a huge seafood menu and a 60-item salad bar!  And they make the most delicious pumpkin bread ever!  

We got there at 5 pm and were seated right away.  It got crowded with people waiting by 6 pm, but never got too crazy at the salad bar. 

I had the salad bar.  It comes with all the dinners!  I adored it because it was not just lettuce and garnishes.  I had potato salad and raisin/carrot salad and pasta salad and beets and candied apple slices and edamame and hummus and pita and yum!  And crackers and spread cheese.  And pumpkin bread.  There was soup, too, but I didn't grab that.  I wish we had salad bars around us!  

I had a lobster sampler called "The Triple Play" with boiled claws, stuffed tail and fried popcorn lobster.  The popcorn was a waste… no taste of lobster just little crunchy bits.  The other two parts were a delight!  And the baked potato was perfect.  

N. tried the salmon and shrimp bernaise over rice pilaf.  HIs eyes rolled back in his head upon tasting the sauce.  

We grabbed more pumpkin bread from the salad bar or dessert.  So moist and flavorful!

The service was just right - friendly, efficient and helpful to newcomers.  The prices are very reasonable!  

The sign on the hostess desk says "NO CELL PHONES" which I found a little rude even if it might be a good policy.  No one was paying any attention to that, so I casually took photos of my food as always.  

We bought pumpkin bread to take home - one for the office and one for Vickie.  It's only $3.40 per loaf!   

Sunday, October 26th

We drove to Malden to eat at our favorite Asian fusion restaurant - All Seasons Table.  We took a couple of theater pals to introduce them to the wonders of this stunning place hidden in a random suburban seedy downtown storefront.  We got the perfect table in the back area, surrounded by orchids and zen decor.  We shared so many dishes!  I had their hot & sour, seafood scallion pancake, and the Mongolian lamb.  N. had the sirloin tips special.  I got to taste a basil tomato seafood Udon dish that seemed like Asian paella!  And several very tasty maki rolls.  N and I shared the fried bananas with coconut ice cream for dessert.  Every single dish makes me think, "Aha!  That's the way it is supposed to taste!"  

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 I am remembering a rainy October like this one, 18 years ago. Kenmore T station flooded up to the roof - it closed the Green Line for weeks!  And then the sun came out on a beautiful warm Saturday like yesterday, friends and family arrived from all over, and we sang and heard readings.  N and I made promises we wrote ourselves - love, honor and amuse!  We've done it all these years and here's to many more! 
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