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Question for any of you crossword geeks:

Rex Parker writes a blog about the NY Times (don't click if seeing today's answers would ruin your day)

Talking about today's puzzle, he says:
"Does Not look like a (mere) 74-worder. Fill seems overwhelmingly short (mostly 4s and 5s). But there are four cheater squares (NW/SE and N/S), and then a couple of long answers paralleling theme answers in the NE and SW, so I guess that explains how the grid can look and feel 76/78 but really be 74. That distinction may seem minor, but it's not. 78s are easy to construct/fill, 76s a bit tougher, 74s tougher still. You'll rarely see themed puzzles at 72, and almost never lower."

What counts as a "word?" There are 69 across clues, 63 down clues...35 black squares...I can't figure out what he means by "74-worder."

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Does anyone still get The Boston Globe delivered every day?

I'm trying to talk myself into ending my subscription to home delivery of the "dead trees" version of The Boston Globe, or perhaps switching to Sunday only. Switching would save me $35 a month, and stopping would save $49 per month, and I wouldn't be lugging a huge pile of paper (that I haven't read) to the recycling bin every week. I might keep the Sunday paper for the grocery coupons, which would more than offset the cost of the papers. And I can read anything I want online.

But I do want there to be a local liberal newspaper in some form. And I want to see what gets printed about my theater projects about 4 times a year...and I like the idea of knowing what was on "the front page." But I am almost to the point where it is not worth nearly $50 a month for that.

Did you stop long ago? Should I drop it?


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