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Here's my latest blog find:

Shreve Stockton, a woman living in the wilds of Wyoming
writing gluten-free cookbooks, adopted a 10-day coyote pup
after his parents were shot for eating sheep. She named him
"Charlie" and posts a photo of him every day.

I suggest going to the archives on the bottom right and
click "start at the beginning" and scrolling forward to get
a mighty dose of The Cute.

I'm having a grand time watching him bond with her cat,
listening to him learning to howl, and seeing him set
against the background of the wild West with its incredible
color pallet, so different from the Camberville area.

This blog was recommended by my favorite blogger Jon Katz

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I spent last night "visiting the farm." Bedlam Farm in upstate NY. Jon Katz, a writer and photographer who lives there, blogs about his animals and his life. It's very different from the life most of us lead, yet with common themes. And his dogs melt my heart.

Take a look.

He writes mostly about his dogs. And donkeys, cows, steer, cats, goats, chickens and sheep. He has a conversational style, and his photos are fabulous. Just a little snippet of farm life every day. He has also collected handwritten farm journals from his neighbors, so he tosses in snippets from life on various farms 100 years ago.

I am reading from the beginning right now (May 2007). Here are some of my favorite entries so far:

His dog Rose, a sheep herder

His dog Izzy, the hospice worker

His night with the sheep

And finally, the article from Slate that led me to the farm (thanks, E!)
Lenore and Brutus in love



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