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Don't you adore dealing with car repairs?  No?  Me neither. 

Our wonderful 8 year-old mini-van had gotten to the stage where we had to take it to the mechanic a lot.  So when we got our new car in November, one of my main thoughts was "YAY!  I won't have to deal with repairs for YEARS!"  I made a vow to try to trade-in before the worst of the failures start.  

So in late January... the fan stopped working except on setting #2.  Which is not enough to blast the defroster on a snowy day!  Or keep the car warm enough when the temperature is 5 degrees.  

So I went online (like that!) to get the "next available appointment."  In February.  Okay.  There were only three snowstorms in the time I waited.  
N. took the car in at 11 am.  He was a little early for our appointment.  It took them two hours to tell him what was wrong, and that they didn't have the part to fix it.  What is the point of having an appointment is if they aren't going to work on the car anywhere around that time? They said they could order the part delivered overnight and they'd fix the car Tuesday.  Great!  We get to make another trip out there.  

They called the house (why not N's mobile phone?) after lunch to say that one part had come in but not another.  They'd call Wednesday when it came in.  

They did not call. 

They called me (why?) to tell me the second part was back-ordered.  They had a call in to see when it might be available.  They had no idea when it would be.  They'll call when they know. 

Good thing it's not something important that would keep us from driving the car! 

I'm glad it happened under warranty so I don't have to pay them, but I am honestly looking forward to the day when the warranty expires and I can go to the mechanic I adore and stop dealing with the blasted dealer who wastes our time!  He fixed things while we waited, or the next day if he needed a part. 

Any bets on when it will be fixed?  How long will I be limited to #2?!


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