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The sun was shining today, despite all the dire predictions from the forecasters.

The lovely and talented [ profile] muffyjo and I made it to First Church for worship to hear the incredible [ profile] heliopsis preach about religion and science. He has found amazing ways to connect these disparate parts of his life and he is excellent at explaining it. It boiled down to "the truth is good, and both science and faith are about truth in their way, and God likes Science, so there" with wonderful personal examples tossed it to make it understandable for us non-scientists.

The entire service was about science and religion...sciency hymns and readings and prayers, and even a photo of the Hadron Collider on the cover of the bulletin! There was a list in the bulletin of the scientists affiliated with the congregation - 22 of them! The Infectious Diseases Epidemiologist used the passing of the peace to show how diseases spread. Heh. And there were lots of big words like "Helicopter Turboshaft Engine Thermodynamics and Test Engineer!" Wheee!

We dashed off to brunch at Orleans. I need to remember that their Hollandaise is just too watery so I should order something else. They weren't crowded at 11:30 am on a Sunday, which was a blessing for those of us with things to do this afternoon!


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