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Avatar, Take 1
I finally got to see the blockbuster movie, Avatar, on Wednesday night at the IMAX theater at the Aquarium in Boston. My sister had been campaigning to get me to go ever since it came out, and we finally found a time four months later.

I was worried about the 3-D making me ill, since a number of my friends reported having trouble and I get motion-sick in extreme circumstances, but figured I could coast along closing my eyes now and then. No such luck. I lasted about 30 minutes, then spent the rest of the time desperately trying not to throw up. Closing my eyes didn't help...I had to cover them completely and I still felt like I was being tossed around in a clothes dryer! But I wanted to get the story, so I stayed. I thought once I got out of there, I'd be fine. Nope. My head was still spinning until half an hour after I got home and took to my bed!

But I thought it was a great movie! And I wanted to find a way to see it.

N. and I went to get groceries on Thursday, and discovered that the DVD had just come out. Shaw's was selling it at $15.99, with a free box of microwave popcorn and a box of Hersey's candy. I don't buy DVD's, but I couldn't resist that. I'd have another chance to actually see it, and show it to N. With chocolate!

Avatar, Take 2
So we spent this evening camped out on the coach- it's nearly three hours long! And it didn't make me sick! Hooray! Of course, it is very different on the small screen...none of the 3-D effects or vibrant colors or depth. But I could watch it all and pick up a lot of nuances.

I watched a bunch of the "extras" online which helped me understand what an innovative method Cameron used to create the film. Especially the motion capture, so the CGI is not animated, but laid over the motion and expressions of the actors. I had that feeling that "Star Wars" gave me in the theater many moons ago...the "special effects" were too couldn't remember that it was all "fake." It made me wonder why the Oscars went with some random war movie over this milestone film for best picture.

And I finally understand Ben Stiller's jokes during the Oscars!
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