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Hubby and I made the best use of a rainy afternoon with a trip to Watertown to see the Flat Earth Theatre production of  "Silent Sky" by Lauren Gunderson.  I always enjoy seeing other theaters and folks I know from Theatre@First in a different setting.  The play was performed on a simple yet elegant set in a black box theater with 80 seats in 5 rows ramped across the back.  This matinee was sold out, so they started right on the hour.  

I adore plays that teach me about important overlooked women in history, entertain and make me think about life.  Theatre@First produced a great example - "The Margaret Ghost" - and "Silent Sky" provided that in a "Hidden Figures" with astronomy way.  Go look up Henrietta Leavitt, Annie Jump Cannon and Williamina Fleming who worked at the Harvard Observatory in the early 20th Century charting the stars.  They were portrayed by talented actresses who made it easy to know and like the characters.  I went to see the always fabulous actor Juliet Bowler, and she rocked this role as a feisty Scot. 

There are a few tickets left for the added matinee at 2 pm Sunday, March 26.  Go!  

We walked across the courtyard to La Casa de Pedro, a Venezuelan/Spanish restaurant, for an early dinner.  It has a huge menu of drinks, tapas, appetizers, entrees and desserts!  We started with two small plates - the shrimp ceviche and the pork Vargas, then moved on the shrimp enchiladas and pork loin.  The sides were special - plantains, jicama fries - along with the more usual sour cream, salsa and guacamole.  We finished with the coconut flan!  Such a treat!  

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Do you need a laugh? or a lot of laughs? Seems like we all do these days! 

I have just the thing - Theatre@First, the community theater I have fun with in Somerville, is presenting Moliere’s madcap comedy “Tartuffe” this weekend and next. Pop over to Davis Square for a meal in a funky restaurant, then make your way to a church basement turned into a theater! It’s 4 quick blocks up College Ave. from the Red Line Davis Square T stop.

Tickets are only $15 for adults, $12 for students and seniors

Performance dates: 
Friday February 24, 2017 8 pm Opening Night
Saturday February 25, 2017 2 pm matinee and 8 pm
Thursday March 2, 2017 8 pm
Friday March 3, 2017 8 pm
Saturday March 4, 2017 2 pm Closing matinee

Get more details and buy tickets:

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Some quick notes for the record so I'll remember what we did to celebrate our 20th anniversary!

We started early and ran late, spreading the festivities out over more than a week!  

Sunday, October 23
We had a wonderful day in RI!  We had a delicious German lunch at Redlefsen's in Bristol, then headed off to the South Shore Beach in Little Compton.  It is so beautiful there!  We stopped at a farm stand going down, then at a farm coming back and another farm stand.  I found a yummy chocolate chip cookie, a honey crisp apple, caramel apple sauce and a wonderful butternut squash apple bisque at the farm.  I got a cucumber, a tomato, fresh corn and a pumpkin at the farm stand!   We had dinner at our favorite restaurant in the world - The Boat House in Tiverton.  I feasted on the raw bar sampler of oysters, clams and shrimp, then the baked stuffed lobster.  We shared the cranberry creme brûlée for dessert.  Yum! 

Wednesday, October 26 (the day)
I was off work.  We had breakfast delivered from The Neighborhood via Foodler.  We had the installation team in from NetBlazr, making real our year-long campaign to get away from Comcast.

We headed out about 6 pm to VOTE EARLY!  We went to the Police Station on 6th Street.  It was fast and easy, and such a relief to have it done.  We took the requisite selfies and posted them to Facebook.  

We had a special dinner at Helmand, the Afghani restaurant.  The service was it's usual lackluster thing but the food is so special I overlook it.  We had the pumpkin, which is, as a friend put it, "the best thing I ever put in my mouth."  I had the aushak soup and the quabalee lamb and rice dinner, had the ferreeeney for dessert.  

Thursday, October 27
I was off work again.  We went to MGH for the last of my five-year check-ups with the radiation oncologist.  He said I look fine and don't need to see him again.  YAY!  I visited the Healing Garden one last time, and had my arm measured for the lymphedema study.  

We went off to Lake WInnipesaukee!  We headed to Shipley's in Alton Bay, but they were already closed for the season.  Argh!  We drove on the Patrick's Pub in Gilford. I had the onion hooks and the shepherd's pie and pumpkin cheesecake.  It's a pleasant place but the food is not that great.  I don't need to go back there.  

We went over to Weir's Beach to Kellerhaus, the candy and gifts store.  I got some cashew turtles, butter crunch and two bracelets!  Bling!  

We went to the Belknap Point Inn to check in and crash.  Despite the rain, I could still see the lake from the balcony!  I got to nap for a couple of hours, then we made our way in the rain and cold (40s) to Laconia for dinner at Tavern 27.  We shared tapas.  The Scotch eggs with the mustard mayo sauce was the stand out.  I had a great hibiscus iced tea.  We made it back to the hotel and turned in early.

Friday, October 28
At Lake Winnipesaukee 
We slept late and made our way back to Laconia in the pouring rain for the $6 buffet at Pizza Hut!  I was surprised how many choices there were - a salad bar, a pizza bar and desserts!  I especially enjoyed the dutch apple pizza dessert!  

I drove around "downtown" Laconia, trying to get the lay of the land up there, but it was too cold and wet to get out and explore.  So we went back to the hotel for another nap. 

We had dinner at the Lyons Den, just down the road from the hotel. We had a prime waterfront table with a view of the lake and the brand new marine patrol station.  I had the crab cakes to start, then the baked stuffed shrimp with peas and rice.  We shared the pumpkin mousse cake for dessert.  

We made our way to Meredith to the Lake Winnipesuakee Playhouse, an amazing refurbished barn turned into everything a theater should be!  We saw a staged reading of "War of the Worlds" with great foley work and wonderful actors.  

We checked out the spiffy new Cumberland Farms convenience store near Weirs Beach.  It is huge and had lots of different candy and munchies.  We went back to the room to nosh.  

Saturday, October 29
It was time to pack up and go off to our favorite breakfast place, Kitchen Cravings, near the airport in Gilford.  I had kielbasa!  We went on to Walmart to stock up on basics at low prices with no taxes.  We picked up coffee for Hubby at Dunkin then an iced chai for me at the Starbucks in Tilton, then hopped on I-93 and whizzed home in no time!  

I was amazed that we managed to have such a lovely retreat in the cold, wet weather, but the food and the play and the lake still made for a great time away! 

Monday, October 31
We had one last blast of anniversary treats with a trip to Malden to our favorite Asian restaurant, All Season Table.  I had the hot & sour soup, crispy honey ribs and a scallion seafood pancake!  So so good!  

So that's the story on our 20th anniversary!  Here's to many more! 

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Have you been to the North Shore Music Theatre?  You should go!  

My mom's cousin in CA sent me a check after her death and asked me to use it to "give your niece joy!"  So yesterday we adventured to Beverly to see the "Mary Poppins" matinee at the North Shore Music Theatre.

That movie was one of my favorites as a child.  I saw it EIGHT times in the theater, including once in French in Paris at age 7.  Heh.  I know most of the songs by heart.  

I hadn't expected much, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it is only 30 minutes away, right off the highway, with easy parking, no line at the Will Call window, a gorgeous performance space with amazing stagecraft, talented singers and dancers and air conditioning!  The afternoon crowd was mostly senior citizens and well-behaved children.   Ms A was enthralled!  The story is different from the movie but I could see why in most cases.  

The tickets are pricey, but less than downtown Boston theaters, and there is not a bad seat in the house!  They're doing "Singing in the Rain" next "with actual raining on stage!"  And later on there will be "Spamalot," "West Side Story" and the annual favorite, "A Christmas Carol."  They also do concerts like Broadway for Life, Doo-Wop or the Magic of Rock n Roll and Motown.  I urge you to go up there!  



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I got to watch two nights of Theatre@First's auditions for Mary ZImmerman's "Metamorphoses."  It's always fun to see familiar faces and meet new folks, especially when they are so talented!  I am so thankful for each person who came out in the rain to try out, who dealt with their nerves and showed off their best acting.  We had 5 times as many people as roles!  I don't know who will be cast, but it felt like every person there would bring something special to the stage.  

It's great to feel the excitement about our latest project.  The mixture of Greek myth and modern themes strikes a chord. But most of all, with all the sadness and despair about the news coming from every part of the globe, it is so wonderful to have a place to escape for a few hours, to see people doing awesome artsy things, to gird our loins to go back out and fight for a better world.   

Mark your calendar for opening night - April 8th!  

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If you didn't make it to the Globe Theatre in London to see this show, you can pop up to Davis Square THIS WEEK AND NEXT for an intimate performance of this funny play!

Theatre@First presents "Knight of the Burning Pestle"
for more info click over to

WHERE: Unity Somerville, 6 William Street, Somerville
4 blocks from the Davis Square Redline T stop
HOW: Get your tickets
$15 for Adults/$12 for Students & Seniors/$5 for Children Under 12
Thursday, April 23, Friday, April 24, Saturday, April 25
Thursday, April 30th - Autism-Friendly Night!
Friday, May 1

Francis Beaumont's overlooked Elizabethan gem comes to glorious life with a surprisingly modern flair.  Breaking through the fourth wall and upending the conventions of Shakespeare's time, this comic masterpiece features giants and monsters, unforgiving parents and unsavory innkeepers, heroic grocers and dastardly suitors as two plots intertwine to riotous effect!

Autism-Friendly Night (April 30) presents the show adjusted to accommodate the needs of theatregoers on the autism spectrum and with other sensory issues.
Parent-Friendly Matinee (May 2) especially welcomes parents--kids are welcome to join the audience or play upstairs with experienced caregivers during the show.
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RAGAD logo 
What would you do if you suddenly found yourself living in the world of Hamlet? When Rosencrantz Guildenstern find themselves rushing toward Elsinore with the rules of probability playing funny tricks, they don't know which way is up! Celebrate T@F's 10th Anniversary with Tom Stoppard's wise and witty masterwork.

Theatre@First celebrates our 10th Anniversary with the show that started it all!

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
written by Tom Stoppard
directed by Elizabeth Hunter

For tickets and more info, please visit our website!

April 4-12, 2014
Davis Square Theatre <>

Full of some of the greatest wordplay in English drama, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead examines the meaning of death and the questions of life from an absurdist perspective that leaves audiences laughing at their own folly and gasping at the truths revealed.

Double-Deal! Enjoy dinner and a show!
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead patrons get 10% off food purchases at Foundry or Saloon with a same-day ticket stub.

Ticket purchases at the box office get a $5 discount when a same-day receipt from Foundry or Saloon is presented.

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I've spent the morning spreading the word far and wide about the next Theatre@First show so I figure you folks should see the info as well!  There are so many talented people working hard to bring this show to life.  I want to do all I can to be sure lots of folks are there to see them.  I'm very excited that we'll be right in Davis Square, that it's wheelchair accessible, and that we can take credit cards now!  I am very curious to see how it turns out, in a new space for us.  Here's the scoop: 

See an amazing PLAY at a reasonable price!  

Theatre@First presents
written by Caryl Churchill, directed by Liz Adams
in a NEW VENUE that's wheelchair accessible! 
Theatre@First is proud to honor playwright Caryl Churchill’s 75th birthday year with her most famous, ground-breaking work.  As relevant today as when it was written in 1982, Top Girls celebrates the choices required to reach the top.  Featuring the famous dinner-party scene with extraordinary women of history and legend, this acute and funny script ranges from the 9th century to modern office politics.. With acerbic dialogue and stiletto-sharp characters, Top Girls will take you for a dizzying ride!
Foundry and Saloon patrons receive $5 off regular ticket prices at the door!
T@F patrons receive 10% off food at Foundry and Saloon!

$20 for adults
$15 for students/seniors
Credit cards now accepted at the door

Thursday - January 23 - 7pm
Friday - January 24 - 7pm
Saturday - January 25 - 4pm MATINEE
Wednesday - January 29 - 7pm
Thursday - January 30 - 7pm
Friday - January 31 - 7pm
Saturday - February 1 - 4pm MATINEE

For more information, reservations and tickets, visit!

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Forgive me while I gush... 

We have an incredible theater company!  I hope you knew that already.  I knew, but it was driven home in a whole new way last night at fabulous opening night for "The Baltimore Waltz."  They crossed new frontiers in directing, acting, in projection, in integrating music and sound, in lighting, in costumes and props and show-targeted concessions!  Try the popcorn!  The program is a glorious purple!  There was a wonderful, responsive audience - I adore seeing Theatre@First's alums and new faces.  This show came together on short notice when a tragedy robbed us of the director of another show, had a lot of challenges, but that makes the magic all the more amazing!!  And I managed to get three great photos!

There are several items that make this show different - Andy Hicks does a masterful job on the projector with images that enhance the story and timing as he snaps them up and down at the perfect pace to let you take them in, enhance the lines and keep the scene rolling.  Kay Coughlin's festive lighting is also very special.  I adored the way it made me think of Paris.  The Ensemble of three new actors did an incredible job of evoking a time and a place- Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Baltimore!  They pose and handle a wide range of props and costumes and roles.  The silhouette work is a stunning combo of lighting, directing and acting genius! 

Bridgid Battell and John Olson were stunning in the lead roles, pushing and pulling the audiences through Europe and a broad range of emotions with a flare I appreciated on so many levels.  

Finally, I must single out James Scheffler's versatility as an actor.  He plays seemingly dozens of roles - changing costumes, accents and mannerisms - making me believe he is someone different in each one - serious, sexy, silly and stupendous!  It is such a treat to watch!!

I hope to see you at the theater soon! 

Curtain Call

Concessions creativity

white world

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Our community theater is taking on a very important play.  It's about dark days in our history, about a cast of beautiful men, a crew of fabulous women, John Deschene singing, Nick B-Z directing his first full-length play, but most of all, it's about love.  Please come see familiar faces and new talents and experience this amazing work!  

$15 for adults - $12 for students/seniors

Theatre@First proudly presents

by Martin Sherman
directed by Nick Bennett-Zendzian

The story of Max, a gay con man in 1930's Berlin, Bent is a tale of hope and courage in the face of persecution and the miraculous discovery of love in the most unlikely of places. This stunning production and extraordinary cast bring Bent to Somerville for the first time. 

Friday, September 14
Saturday, September 15
Sunday, September 16
Thursday, September 20
Friday, September 21

Saturday, September 22

6 William St @ College Ave
four blocks from the Davis T
no wheelchair access

Please Note: This production contains extremely strong language and mature content.  
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My favorite Marine Sergeant,  <lj user="srakkt">, who many of you may remember from his excellent work on stage with <lj user="theatre@first"> or <lj user="pmrp"> is quoted in this week's Somerville News, with a photo!
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It's dreary in Cambridge. In typical New England weather fashion, it was bright and sunny when I got up, raining for a while, and now it's gray. Please let it go back to sunshine soon! It has been mostly cool 60's, which I appreciate and is good for not sweating in the theater.

My health

I felt great this week! My brain worked much better. As it improved, I realize how bad it's been and how clueless I was about it. Sorry if you've been affected by my lack of brain! I can see the edges now - they are getting closer to normal but not there yet. It's like pizza dough that shrinks in from the side of the pan. You have to push it back out to the edges, but not tear it. And then push some more.

I had several triumphs at work - I asked the right question in a meeting that got everyone talking and giving each other good ideas, found a creative way to track registrations for summer seminars to relieve the senior staff of that burden, and stepped in to help my boss finish two huge projects when a co-worker called in sick two days in a row. I even helped calm a senior staffer prepping for gall bladder surgery.

Next Monday I start daily radiation treatment. They'll zap me with lasers every weekday for six weeks to fry any stray cancer cells. I tried to balance figuring out the logistics with "not thinking about it - la la la." The radiation oncology staff range from not very helpful to aggravating, so that is freaking me out a bit. But I am trying to maintain my upbeat demeanor. Maybe I will glow! Or come out with a super power!


I spent five nights at the theater this week! I love the theater.

Four nights I was unexpectedly enthralled by "Equus." I sent a lot of theater emails - thanking or reminding house volunteers, and answering inquiries coming in from the web site such as how to get tickets, how long is the show, how can I get involved, or the more complicated "Can I bring my teenager to this show?"

I watched auditions for the next "Bare Bones" staged reading, "Two for The Seesaw." It was a privilege to see so many talented actors, each with a different take on the characters, any of whom could fill the roles.

The monthly steering committee meeting sailed along well, and I was elected President again.


The highlight of the week was discovering the yummy brunch at the Olde Magoun Saloon on Medford Street in Somerville.
They open at 10 am. The street parking is easy, or you can pop into the CVS lot. No line - it was empty! They make their own Bloody Mary Mix that is fiercely spicy and delicious. The bartender has a beautiful Irish accent and waits tables. The prices are low - everything under $10! I had the Irish breakfast. N. enjoyed a huge ham & cheese and egg sandwich - brought half of it home.

We picked up Lemon Thai to eat at the back of the theater on Sunday night. I adore their chicken coconut soup and satay!

On the flip side, I got to try Posto in Davis Square for the first time. They have done an amazing update of the space. But otherwise I was not impressed. We popped in at 5:15 pm for appetizers on Monday night. The service was haphazard, when it was empty. The food unspectacular. The prices are high. I will be glad to try again if others suggest it, but won't hurry back of my own volition.

We ate at home Tuesday night - another yummy chicken caesar salad.

Thursday I had lunch at Border Cafe in Harvard Square - free chips and salsa, a delicious cup of chicken and sausage gumbo followed by the crawfish etouffee appetizer. Yum. Cheap, fast and good.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
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Tops on my mind today is "Equus," the current Theatre@First show. I'll admit it - I didn't think I'd like this play. I was afraid I might hate it. But I LOVE IT! I've watched it four times, and look forward to seeing it tonight and tomorrow afternoon. It's a fascinating story, sort of like a "Law & Order" episode. There's talk of a strange crime, a mystery and then flashbacks to give you little pieces to figure out what happened. And laughs. And kissing! I was enthralled by it.

The acting is incredible! I am so proud of my sister E. She is on stage the entire time and takes us through the discovery process and what it does to her in an amazing way. And the kid... I am stunned by his ability to snap back and forth between the past and now, and portray the wide range of emotions required. Each of the actors are "as they should be" - believable, powerful, complicated and interesting characters. The set is deceptively simple, but ingeniously provides a way to be here and there, and let the actors come and go seamlessly. And the sound and lights are more complicated than we've had, enhancing the action in a new way. And there are cupcakes that help fight cancer. And hugs! It makes for a good evening.

It's great to see everyone who's working on the show or in the audience. It is wonderful for me to escape work and health concerns and disappear into the theater! I encourage you to do the same.
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Greetings from sunny, cool Cambridge! After a broiling day close to 100 yesterday, we're back in the 60's now. Much better!

I'm at the end of my third week since they stopped poisoning me, and I didn't think about my health this week! Yay! I was busy having fun begging people to usher for "Equus" and filled every slot! Whee! Work was a little nutso the first part of the week but calmed down enough that I did not feel bad about taking Thursday and Friday off.

Last Friday we had a great dinner with my sister E. and her family at Sichuan Garden in Woburn. It is delicious Chinese food for great prices, and we had one of their little dining rooms all to ourselves. The waiter disappeared about 2/3rds of the way through the meal, but the manager picked up the slack, so could get food packed up, pay and get out of there.

Saturday I had a nice visit with my mom, read her the email accumulated over the past month and watched baseball on TV. She fed me a marvelous soup and sandwich lunch. My older sister A. and G. took me out for seafood at dinner time to Court House Seafood. So fresh and delicious!

Sunday I adventured out to S. Acton Congregational Church with a co-worker and his son to hear his wife and friend of mine preach. There was a good spirit in that place. They treated me to brunch at the Arlington Diner and I gave in to the call of the eggs benedict. Yum.

N. volunteered to run sound for "Equus" when they had a last minute snafu, so he was scrambling to learn the show and transfer everything to his software. Monday and Tuesday we raced through McDonald's before he dashed to dress rehearsals.

Wednesday I had another lovely seafood dinner with A. and G. at Court House.

I got blogged about! Check out the "Why We Ride" posted by the amazing and talented Wendy, a friend who I somehow inspired to bike 190 miles to raise money for cancer research.

Thursday the "Hunter ladies" gathered to bury my dad's ashes in the beautiful Mount Auburn Cemetery. It is such a peaceful place. Dad made a hobby of looking at cemeteries in his waning years, and this is by far the best possible place he could be. We had a delicious lunch in a quiet corner of The Aegean in Watertown. I do love Greek food! I had the avegolemono soup, bite of the lamb ribs, taramosalata dip on pita and then a delicate seafood casserole with shrimp, scallops and lobster!

Now it's off to opening night for "Equus!" I can't wait to see the results of all the planning and hard work! See more at

Have a great weekend! Join me at the show!

New Kitties

Feb. 7th, 2011 10:12 am
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We have two new furry roommates! We took in two orange tabbies, brothers, who will be two years old in April. A theater friend had a friend with allergies, and the kitties needed a new home, and we needed felines to cuddle, so it all worked out!

After much deliberation and observation, we've settled on two very special names. In honor of Theatre@First's current mainstage production, we have chosen "Nicholas" and "Humphrey". To understand what this means, you'll have to come see the show that opens this Thursday.

Photos behind the cut for your Monday morning awwww!
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Louise Kennedy, the Boston Globe's theater critic for four years, is leaving to write a book. She wrote a charming farewell, about the good, the bad and the mediocre theater she's seen. Her ending paragraphs struck me:

"....on a good night there’s just nothing else like it. To share space with other people, to go through an aesthetic and emotional and intellectual experience together, is to feel a particular kind of joy that I can find in no other way. The theater is, at its best, a profoundly democratic institution, one that lets us share a private experience in a public space. I didn’t invent that idea — the Greeks did. But I’m grateful that I’ve had this time to discover it for myself, and I hope that, from time to time, I’ve helped you to discover it, too.

I’ll see you at the theater. I’ll be the woman in the cheap seats, with no notebook, smiling."
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Do you do puzzles? Big, table-covering jigsaw puzzles?

You get down the big box from the high shelf in the closet, and pour all the pieces out on a table. You hope they're all still there. Over the next few hours or days or weeks, you pick up a piece or two and plunk them into what you hope is the right spot, and then add a few more. Other people come along to help when they can, and pop in a few more pieces, or move some you didn't have in quite the right place...and slowly, slowly, an image starts to form. You look at the pile of pieces left and wonder if there are enough there to complete it.

There comes a moment when you have one piece left and there is a hole just that size and you gently set the final piece in place and press and....there is a gorgeous picture! And you walk around the table, gazing at it from all angles, looking back at the box and marveling at how it all came together and hugging the people who helped you. You and your friends have made something beautiful out of a bunch of bizarre bits...and it is magic!

Last night was like that! All the bits of "The Margaret Ghost" came together on stage! Woot!

Only three more shows, and then we'll take it all apart...come see it before it's gone!
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I had the interesting task of going to a Town of Belmont Selectmen's Meeting tonight. Ah, the things I do for art!

Theatre@First is having a "gala" prior to the Saturday night performance of "The Margaret Ghost" on June 19th. We'll have wine and the director and playwright will mingle.

In order to serve wine for about an hour, we've had to jump through all sorts of hoops. The latest thing was a "one day liquor license" that usually takes at least 30 days to get, but we only found out about 10 days ago we needed. It involves filling out papers, paying a $50 fee, naming the Town on our insurance, and showing up at the Selectmen's meeting to answer their questions!
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I sent the beautiful trailer* for "The Margaret Ghost" to all my co-workers on Wednesday, with an invitation to come see the play in Belmont. One of the senior staff, a professor in another department, stopped by my desk on Friday. This is a rare thing, as she is so busy that she doesn't have much time for chatting.

"I watched that trailer you sent. It was very interesting. I'd never heard of Margaret Fuller," she confessed rather sheepishly. "I went on the net and read more about her. She was an amazing person!"

"That's great!" I assured her. "That's a big part of why we're doing this play, to let people know about her. And keep her memory alive."

She smiled and said, "I will try to get to see the play. Not sure....babysitting is tough," she sighed.

I said I understood and promised to bring her a program if she didn't make it, so she could read more about Margaret.

"Oh! That would be lovely," she said, running off to a meeting.

I reveled in the moment...the idea that a Harvard professor, who's had to fight her way up in male-dominated field, now knows about one of the women that blazed a path for her.

Another fan for Margaret Fuller!



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