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I just took another step toward becoming an internet creature. I had a lovely conversation with the Comcast customer service rep. I cut my "cable" bill in half. Woot!

I've been looking at all my bills to figure out how to make them lower. Last year, I ditched daily delivery of the Boston Globe. I realized recently that we don't watch cable TV anymore. I haven't turned the TV on since August. I don't keep up with series TV anymore, except for NCIS, and I can watch that online. So I took a hard look at the Comcast bill. $163. Yuck. More than half of that is for TV. I checked the channel line-ups and decided basic service is all I need. Probably more than I need. But it's only $7.50/mo. So that lowers the bill to $80 (mostly internet, DVR and taxes). I may ditch more next month when I see how that shakes out.

I've been meaning to call Comcast for awhile. You can do lots of transactions online, but not downgrading your service. You have to talk to a person for that. And I always think of calling in the evening. After the people have gone home. Yes, they talk about 24/hr phone service, but that's just the automated line. No one is there after 7 pm.

But I got another huge bill yesterday, so I was determined to wake up this morning and call and I did! Yay!
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We've been watching the new BBC series, "Sherlock." It is all kinds of great. It will show up on PBS "Masterpiece" eventually, but if you can see it earlier, do it. There are three episodes, each 90-minutes worth of wonderful.

Script by Doctor Who writers-Gattis and Moffat...modern London, snarky text messages, amazing they let Sherlock be sexy! Woot!

They manage to take the essential bits of the original stories and weave them into a contemporary script. You can see what happens when a couple of Holmes fanboys ride the train from London to Cardiff and back to make "Doctor Who" and get to musing about a new series. Heh.

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I adore my new DVR! I know most of you went through this awhile back, but it's all new and wonderful to me.

It is so great to spend a little less time watching each show, and not have to watch another car commercial or drug commercial or any commercial ever again, and be able to stop when the phone rings, and start up whenever I want and get it to record "Jeopardy!" every night! And even if I didn't think to record, it is still recording and I can rewind when I didn't catch some bon mot. And time-shifting is awesome.

There are probably more features I haven't figured out yet, but that will be icing on the cable box.
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I've been having fun bouncing around the net reading about "Doctor Who" since watching the most recent episode, End of Time. Jon Blum wrote a great review in his LJ at

I found a vid on youtube of the last 10 minutes. There was a link there to a wikipedia summary of episode

A couple of interesting background tidbits related to production of the final scenes stuck with me. Cut for spoilers.
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I watched the pilot for the new series USA network "White Collar," saw it on

Premise is FBI guy springs a con man from prison to help him with a case.

Writing is good, well cast, lead character cute, nice NYC scenes, has elements of caper movies, "48 Hours" or "Catch me if you can." Nice to see a show about smarts instead of violence.
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The web is bringing me British today!

1) Upstairs, Downstairs revival
including some of the original cast like Jean Marsh, creator and actor

2) British Food in America web site
Restaurant reviews, recipes, book reviews and a manifesto

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Check out the first photo of the outfit for the 11th Doctor Who - with BBC fashionista comments. See the hair, the shirt, the tweed jacket, the rolled up trouser, the boots and...the bow tie! A British fashion academic (eh?) described it as "influenced by Indiana Jones' geekier nephew." It doesn't seem quite strange enough for my vision of a Time Lord, but I'll wait to see it in action to form an opinion. It has possibilities. And seems like something the fan boys and girls can mimic at cons.
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N. and I watched all five episodes of Torchwood's Season 3 over the weekend. It worked to watch them one after the other at our own pace, instead of one per night (as they were shown last week in the U.K.).

I never know what's a spoiler, so I'll tuck the rest of my thoughts away under the cut.
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There have been more new shows and new episodes of old shows this summer than I can ever remember. I've taken a look at bunch, and here's my take on them:

Royal Pains (USA) - LOVE IT
Smart, funny, different, gorgeous architecture of the Hamptons and Campbell Scott. Yum. It's kind of like "Lives of the Rich and Famous" mixed with medical MacGuyver. It works.
Added it to my weekly roster.

Mental (FOX) - like it
It's just like House, MD, except the lead doc is NICE! And very nice looking. And he's a shrink, so there's all sorts of funky brain stuff going on.
Added to my weekly roster.

Listener (NBC) - eh
Had its moments but poorly written.

Virtuality - no, wish I hadn't
I watched it to see more of Nicholaj Coster-Waldau, but it stank big time.

The new episodes of "Law & Order:Criminal Intent" are good. I didn't think I'd like Jeff Goldblum, but he is growing on me. I try to watch "In Plain Sight" but it focuses too much on the lead agent's personal life, when I am really interested in the witness protection stuff.

I'm looking forward to more episodes of "Leverage" that starts up again July 15 on TNT. It rocks.

I didn't catch up with The Philanthropist (which got good reviews), Merlin or HawthoRNe (which got terrible reviews). Anyone see those?
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Boston - Neil Diamond. The Boston Pops doing lots of Aaron Copeland. Rev. Peter Gomes reading Abraham Lincoln. Commercials every 5 minutes. 1812 overture with big guns. Three hours, first two local only then the last hour hosted by Craig Ferguson and broadcast by CBS.

D.C. - Barry Manilow, Aretha Franklin, The Muppets, Michael Fienstein playing Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue", Natasha Bedingfield, and the cast of the Broadway show "The Jersey Boys." With the National Symphony orchestra and a huge chorus. 1812 overture with the fireworks and big guns. Hosted by Jimmy Smits. No commercials. 90 minute national broadcast.

Hmmmm....I feel like a traitor for watching the D.C. concert, but it is soooo much better!

New Nathan

Jan. 4th, 2009 12:34 am
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Nathan Fillion, the drool-worthy captain on Firefly, has a new TV series starting March 9 on ABC.

TV Guide:

Moonlighting mixed with Murder, She Wrote

He plays a famous mystery writer-turned-sleuth, who teams with a NYPD detective (Stana Katic) to solve bizarre murders.  He flirts with her constantly.



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I have a new TV network show to recommend..."New Amsterdam" on FOX.

The lead actor, Nikolaj Coster Waldau, is very easy on the eyes. He's from Denmark. *drool*

On the surface, it's a homicide cop show. But the main character is immortal, and they show a lot of his past. There are several "from then to now" time lapse CGI's and photo montages - very cool. And there is the possibility of romance...always good. I never watched much "Angel" or "Highlander" but other fans have said it has elements of them. The secondary cast is strong - the cop partner, the bartender, the doctor. I even learned a bit about Walt Whitman!

Three episodes so far. We caught up (legally and free!!) by seeing the pilot free on iTunes, and the other two episodes (Golden Boy and Soldier's Heart) streaming on Fox on Demand

Previews and music clip videos are starting to show up on youtube (the only way people can get around the copyright restrictions?) such as



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