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Another beautiful day that beckoned me to the beach!   I didn't want to drive very far, so I did some targeted research with Google maps, scouring the shore line for a restaurant and a beach-filled drive to get there.  

We took off about 3 pm and headed north to Revere.  The tide was out and you could see beach for miles!  I made a little detour over the causeway to Nahant Beach.  Lots of people there.  Then it was up Rte 1a through Lynn and Swampscott, and on into Marblehead to Devereaux Beach and a drive along Ocean Avenue to Chandler Hovey Park with its ancient lighthouse and rocky shore and panoramic view of the harbor and Salem Sound and the ocean.  It was so clear, I felt like I could see Portugal!  

We went into Marblehead - the colonial homes and shops are lovely.  No one was around.  It was as if they'd rolled up the sidewalk at 5 pm.  We ended up at The Landing Restaurant, right on the water.  It has a fun pub, an elegant dining room with windows on three sides, and a deck.  We sat in the dining room right next to the deck.  We had an incredible meal of very special clam/corn chowder, old-style onion soup, scallops wrapped in bacon with maple dipping sauce, peking ravioli with ginger slaw, a caesar salad, then free french bread.  N. had the Asian red snapper encrusted with sesame seeds on top of pad thai, and I tried the Baked Stuffed Shrimp Mediterranean with sweet potato gnocchi.  We shared a choco-tini: dark chocolate mousse and iced brownie slices.  

We made it home in less than an hour by 9 pm.  There was so little traffic I wondered if life had been called off and no one told us?  It is so odd to come down Rte 1 in Lynn and be the only car on either side of the road!  

Here are a few photos of our adventure.

It makes me so happy to see the ocean, eat a good meal and make the best use of a beautiful day!


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