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Today was one of those beautiful Fall days in New England when I wanted to take my folks on a drive out to the country to see the foliage and have a lovely lunch, someplace with good food and scenery, and some shops or farm stands along the way. My parents knew about a restaurant in Acton, about 25 miles from Cambridge out Rte. 2, just off Rte 2A, so we drove out to Scupper Jack's.

The view is amazing! We had a window table overlooking Nagog Pond, with the trees sending their signals to the world in orange, red and yellow. The menu had an extensive selection of seafood, sandwiches and burgers, with a salad bar. I tried a cup of excellent clam chowder, then a special of butternut squash ravioli, mushrooms, squash and grilled chicken in a butter sauce, with a slice of garlic cheese bread on top. Yum. Mom got the salad bar and let me taste the interesting special salads like the peas & cauliflower in ranch dressing, potato salad, fresh cottage cheese, beets, homemade croutons...yum. Dad got the lobster pie. They bring out all the desserts on a tray, so it was impossible to resist. We shared two desserts - a warm cranberry apple crisp with vanilla ice cream, and their pumpkin mousse with caramel drizzle, pecans and whipped cream. The service was friendly and timely. The prices seemed very reasonable, with the lunch entrees that included two sides running $10-$15.

We headed back toward Boston, and stopped at a shopping plaza with a Talbots and J.Jill and Ann Taylor loft. Even the sale prices there curled my hair...yikes. Tres preppy! They have a very spacious Trader Joe's and Pier I, always good for a browse.

It was a wonderful outing!

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Glad it worked out so well!


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